About the MicroED Center

MEDIC is a technology development center aimed at making MicroED a routine method in structural biology for determining structures of membrane proteins, protein complexes, small molecules, natural products, and materials. The focus is on:

  1. Enabling MicroED for macromolecular complexes that grow small, fragile, or imperfect crystals.
  2. Improving of sample screening and preparation methods.
  3. Novel refinement and phasing methods. We also provide extensive user training including hands-on sessions at the UCLA Imaging Center.

The center hosts the annual MicroED course as well as an annual summit.

Reed Hutchinson for UCLA


MEDIC is located at the Biomedical Sciences Research Building on the UCLA Campus, right next to the Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden.

For request of collaboration directed to any of the directors, please use the Project registration portal. For any other inquiries choose the Contact form or addresses below.


Departments of Biological Chemistry and Physiology

David Geffen School of Medicine

University of California, Los Angeles

615 Charles E. Young Drive South

Los Angeles, CA 90095-1737