Driving Biomedical Projects (DBPs)

Institution Project title InvestigatorGrant number
Duke Molecular regulation of cardiovascular 7-TM receptorsRobert LefkowitzR01HL016037
USC Structure and function of opioid and cannabinoid receptors Vadim CherezovR35GM127086
UWDesign and structure of self assembling crystalsDavid BakerR01AG063845
CaltechInnovation by evolution: bringing new chemistry to lifeFrances ArnoldR01GM138740
UVA Structure analysis of viral assembly mechanisms Mark YeagerR01GM128507
U WisconsinDesign and structure of polymers Samuel GellmanR01GM061238
U Illinois A scalable platform to discover antimicrobials of ribosomal origin Wilfred van der DonkR01AI144967
U Notre DameChemical approaches to selectively target β-rich amyloidsJuan Del ValleR01AG074570
UNLUltrahigh resolution isocyanide hydrataseMark WilsonR01GM139978
UNLStructural bases of tight junction form, function, and disruptionAlex J. VeccioR35GM138368
U Notre DameIdentification of glucosidasesAnthony S. Serianni CHE2002625 (NSF)

Completed projects

Institution Project title
UCLA Functional and structural studies of unique pathogenic transporters in glycobiology
UC Berkeley Structure of human ESCRT-I complex
Caltech Targeting the HIV reservoir using optimized anti-HIV antibodies
UCLA Structure and function of human telomerase
CU DenverMechanistic studies of prokaryotic and eukaryotic nitrate/nitrite transport

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