Driving Biomedical Projects (DBPs)

DBP# Institution Project title
1 Duke Molecular Regulation of cardiovascular 7-TM receptors
2 USC Structure and function of opioid and cannabinoid receptors
3 UCLA Functional and Structural Studies of Unique Pathogenic Transporters in Glycobiology
4 CU Denver Mechanistic studies of prokaryotic and eukaryotic nitrate/nitrite transport
5 UC Berkeley Structure of human ESCRT-I complex
6 Caltech Crystallographic studies of electron transfer proteins
7 UVA Structure analysis of viral assembly mechanisms
8 Caltech Targeting the HIV reservoir using optimized anti-HIV antibodies
9 UCLA Structure and Function of Human Telomerase
10 U Illinois A Scalable Platform to Discover Antimicrobials of Ribosomal Origin

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