Driving Biomedical Projects (DBPs)

DBP# Institution Project title Investigator
1Duke Molecular regulation of cardiovascular 7-TM receptorsRobert Lefkowitz
2USC Structure and function of opioid and cannabinoid receptors Vadim Cherezov
3UWDesign and structure of self assembling crystalsDavid Baker
4CU Denver Mechanistic studies of prokaryotic and eukaryotic nitrate/nitrite transport Hongjin Zheng
5CaltechInnovation by evolution: bringing new chemistry to lifeFrances Arnold
6Caltech Crystallographic studies of electron transfer proteins Doug Rees
7UVA Structure analysis of viral assembly mechanisms Mark Yeager
8U WisconsinDesign and structure of polymers Samuel Gillman
9Weizmann InstituteStructure of lipid flipasesYael Alon
10U Illinois A scalable platform to discover antimicrobials of ribosomal origin Wilfred van der Donk

Completed projects

Institution Project title
UCLA Functional and structural studies of unique pathogenic transporters in glycobiology
UC Berkeley Structure of human ESCRT-I complex
Caltech Targeting the HIV reservoir using optimized anti-HIV antibodies
UCLA Structure and function of human telomerase

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