Driving Biomedical Projects (DBPs)

InstitutionProject titleInvestigatorGrant number
Duke Molecular regulation of cardiovascular 7-TM receptorsRobert LefkowitzR01HL016037
USC Structure and function of opioid and cannabinoid receptors Vadim CherezovR35GM127086
UWDesign and structure of self assembling crystalsDavid BakerR01AG063845
CaltechInnovation by evolution: bringing new chemistry to lifeFrances ArnoldR01GM138740
UVA Structure analysis of viral assembly mechanisms Mark YeagerR01GM128507
U WisconsinDesign and structure of polymers Samuel GellmanR01GM061238
U Illinois A scalable platform to discover antimicrobials of ribosomal origin Wilfred van der DonkR01AI144967
U Notre DameChemical approaches to selectively target β-rich amyloidsJuan Del ValleR01AG074570
UNLUltrahigh resolution isocyanide hydrataseMark WilsonR01GM139978
UNLStructural bases of tight junction form, function, and disruptionAlex J. VeccioR35GM138368
U Notre DameIdentification of glucosidasesAnthony S. Serianni CHE2002625 (NSF)
Yale UniversityStructural investigation of rapafucinsJun LiuR01GM137319
StanfordStructural investigation of GPCRsGeorgios SkiniotisR01NS122394
UCLANovel membrane permeable macrocyclesPatrick HarranR21AI168952

Completed projects

InstitutionProject title
UCLA Functional and structural studies of unique pathogenic transporters in glycobiology
UC Berkeley Structure of human ESCRT-I complex
Caltech Targeting the HIV reservoir using optimized anti-HIV antibodies
UCLA Structure and function of human telomerase
CU DenverMechanistic studies of prokaryotic and eukaryotic nitrate/nitrite transport

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